The Oxford Whisperer is always interested in information that showcases institutional failures or a lack of accountability and transparency at the university, colleges or student bodies at Oxford.

You can reach us in several secure ways:

We use ProtonMail as our secure email provider.

Reaching us anonymously

Do not use a university laptop or workstation at your college or department to contact us.

Prefer free public WiFis, e.g. at cafes, and avoid eduroam and private WiFis for sharing information. Alternatively, you can also use a VPN service. For example, https://protonvpn.com comes with a free plan.

Do use incognito mode (in Chrome) or private browsing (in Firefox).

There are different ways of reaching us anonymously while following the above:

  • To send us a message or documents, use an anonymous disposable email service.

    https://www.guerrillamail.com provides such an email service for free and also allows for file attachments.

    Please note that received emails are only preserved for one hour. To chat with us anonymously, we recommend KeyBase instead—see below.

    Email us at whisper@oxfordwhisperer.uk.

  • To chat with us and share documents, use a Keybase account with a random user name.

    Keybase allows for encrypted communication as well as sharing files safely. It supports macOS, Linux, Windows, iPhone and Android.

    You can download Keybase here, and you can create a random user name using GuidGenerator.

    Reach us at oxfordwhisperer on Keybase.

  • To share documents, upload files via our Secure Data Drop on Dropbox and use a fake user name and temporary email address.

    For example, to create a fake user name, use https://jimpix.co.uk/words/random-username-generator.asp, and to obtain a disposable email address, use https://www.guerrillamail.com.