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Our investigations focus on improving transparency and accountability at Oxford in the long term.

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Kellogg College Ball President Reimbursement 2020: No Fraudulent Conduct Found

But control weaknesses in the MCR procedures were identified by Kellogg College.

by A.K.
  7 minute read

Update Feburary 2023: Revised redactions of the report by Kellogg College’s Finance Bursar (Gary Walker) have been made available following an appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and a subsequent decision by the ICO late 2022 that the University of Oxford and Kellogg College broke the Freedom of Information Act by “failing to disclose information that was disclosable and issue a refusal notice within the statutory time for compliance”.

Students at Wolfson College Suffer Their College’s Sustainability Goals

Wolfson College gives students rent reductions a month after an open letter of complaint was shared with the college.

by A.K.
  2 minute read

What burden should Wolfson students bear for helping their college reach net-zero carbon emissions? Builders defiling their toilets, painting over mould, and bunging up their showers are just a few of the complaints alluded to in an open letter by affected students living in college accommodation. And as the students are not formal tenants, they have few rights.

£21,630 Embezzled from Wadham MCR

It took Wadham College’s new MCR committee two months to notice that the MCR’s former treasurer pilfered £21,630 from their coffers.

by A.K.
  2 minute read

The former MCR treasurer, GB, used the money to buy £21,630.66 of goods from Amazon and Etsy from March 5th through March 31st. She told The Oxford Whisperer that she is facing “substantial difficulties” with her mental health.

MCR Governance and Transparency Report 2021

A first look at the governance and transparency of the middle common rooms of the various colleges at Oxford

  44 minute read

Each middle common room (MCR) has their own governing documents—i.e., a constitution, standing orders, or bye-laws—with pronounced differences between them. We examine all MCRs and rank them according to transparency and governance measures.

Current Kellogg MCR President Billed £733 of Personal Expenses for Cancelled Ball

Groceries for the Ball President were Kellogg Commemoration Ball’s Largest Expense

by  , T.H.
  3 minute read

Update April 2022: Kellogg College has found no fraudulent conduct upon concluding the investigation relating to a payment to Kellogg’s former and new Ball President SU. A statement made to MCR committee members confirmed that no fraudulent conduct was found, but control weaknesses in the MCR procedures were identified. Read the full report here. AK

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