The Oxford Whisperer is an independent investigative project that shines a light on institutional failures of the university, colleges and student bodies at Oxford. It strives to collaborate with publications but develops investigative, hard stories or reports exclusively.

The investigations focus on improving transparency and accountability at Oxford in the long term.

We aim to not use clear names for students and college members but focus on their roles within a student body, college or the university. It is easier to see systemic failures when the focus is more on the roles and interactions between them and less on the people.

Given a date and role, it is possible to infer the person behind it. However, stories won’t surface in search engines as easily. As time passes, linking a person to a story will become harder. The person behind the role has a right to be forgotten.

This makes it easier for whistleblowers to come forward. Exposing failures while minimizing risks to reputation through publication will help grow structures for accountability and transparency.

The Oxford Whisperer is independent and critical. The advisory board will help mentor a new generation of investigative journalists & researchers.