£21,630 Embezzled from Wadham MCR

It took Wadham College’s new MCR committee two months to notice that the MCR’s former treasurer pilfered £21,630 from their coffers.

by A.K.
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The former MCR treasurer, GB, used the money to buy £21,630.66 of goods from Amazon and Etsy from March 5th through March 31st. She told The Oxford Whisperer that she is facing “substantial difficulties” with her mental health.

Current Kellogg MCR President Billed £733 of Personal Expenses for Cancelled Ball

Groceries for the Ball President were Kellogg Commemoration Ball’s Largest Expense

by  , T.H.
  3 minute read

Update April, 2021: Kellogg College is finalising the outcome of its investigation into the Ball President’s reimbursement, The Oxford Whisperer has been told in a response to an inquiry. The college’s finance committee has discussed the reimbursement at a recent meeting, and actions are being taken forward. Kellogg College will release a statement when the inquiry is complete.